Potentials offers a variety of services to suit your needs. They include Assessment Services, Psychotherapy Services, Wellness Services, Co-Parenting Services, Cogmed Training, and Early Kindergarten Evaluations.
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Assessment Services
At Potentials, we specialize in psychological, psycho-educational, and school-focused neuropsychological assessment for children and adolescents. (We also see adults with more targeted assessment of attention, learning, executive functioning, or cognitive functioning.)

Our goal is to provide an evaluation that is specific to the individual, provides information on strengths as well as weaknesses, and answers the referral questions.
Before any testing or assessment is completed, we will review your history and concerns with you. It is very helpful to complete our intake paperwork (see Forms here) prior to meeting with us so that we can have a better understanding of your/ your child’s history. When you come to the initial appointment, we will design an evaluation that will meet your needs. To help us develop the right assessment for you/ your child, we encourage you to bring any background information, work samples, previous evaluations or assessments, report cards, and any other documentation that you think would be helpful and/ or relevant.

Due to the specialized nature of our assessments, not every person who comes to Potentials will receive the same assessments or battery of tests. Generally, the following areas may be included in an assessment:

  • cognitive functioning/ IQ
  • academic achievement - reading, written language, and math skills
  • oral language skills
  • executive function skills
  • attention
  • emotional functioning
  • typical behaviors
  • adaptive behavior skills
  • information processing
  • memory skills
  • visual motor skills
  • auditory attention and comprehension
  • social skills

We also provide specialized evaluations for:

  • Early Kindergarten Entry
  • Giftedness
  • Accommodations for school aged students
  • Accommodations for college students
  • College boards, graduate school, and professional board testing accommodations (e.g., MCAT LSAT SAT, ACT)
  • Adoption preparation
Psychotherapy Services
Psychotherapy has been proven to be effective. Studies show that people have fewer symptoms and a better life after therapy than they did before therapy. We believe the relationship is key in creating an environment where you will feel safe and supported to work on your goals.

We use evidence based treatments including cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, mindfulness based cognitive therapy, mindfulness based stress reduction, compassion focused therapy, trauma focused cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, emotionally focused couples therapy, and solution focused therapy. We tailor therapy to meet the needs of the individual, couple, or family.

People seek therapy for a variety of reasons, including:

  • To increase feelings of well-being
  • To decrease depression and/ or anxiety
  • To repair a troubled relationship
  • To increase creativity and joy
  • To assist individuals affected by trauma or loss
  • To address child behavior problems
  • To repair troubled relationships
  • To manage family and parenting issues
  • To balance work and family
  • To reduce stress
  • To learn coping skills
  • To develop mindfulness skills
  • To foster personal growth
Wellness Services
Wellness services include workshops, trainings, group sessions, and individual coaching sessions to promote optimum well-being.  We will draw from our training and experiences to help you put your dreams into achievable goals. Insurance is not accepted for wellness services because we will not be identifying or treating a mental health diagnosis.  We honor the time you have devoted to creating a more fulfilling life and will partner with you to develop strategies to help you reach your personal or professional goals.
Co-Parenting Services
Ben Rigby, Ph.D. LP, and Shelley Chambers, MSW, LCSW both offer co-parenting sessions to parents who are separated, divorced, contemplating a separation, or even intact couples seeking a mechanism to improve communication and teamwork specifically involving parenting issues. After many years of witnessing the damaging effects of contentious divorces on children, and recognizing that so many separated and divorced parents truly wish for a more “psychologically healthy” way to parent after separating, we decided that offering co-parenting services met a distinctive need in our community. Each practitioner, of course, brings his or her own style to sessions, yet we both use the same philosophy and principles to employ a proactive, consensus-building, and collaborative process that can lessen the impact of divorce/ separation on the child(ren) and adults, as well.

As trained psychotherapists, Ms. Chambers and Dr. Rigby are able to facilitate constructive dialogue between parents who agree on seeking their child(ren)’s best interests but may otherwise be at an impasse when it comes to communication and decision-making. The goal of co-parenting is to facilitate a constructive framework that enables parents to make joint parenting decisions with less emotion and distraction, staying focused on shared goals and bringing a “professional mindset” to their most important job duty as a parent.
Cogmed Training

Cogmed is an evidence-based program that helps individuals improve attention by training working memory. Working memory is the brain’s ability to hold and process information about what one is doing at the present moment.

Cogmed was developed by Dr. Torkel Klingberg and colleagues at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden in 2002. SInce then, it has been extensively studied and published in numerous peer-reviewed journals, including the Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry and Science. Cogmed was acquired by Pearson, a leader in assessment and educational technology, in 2010.

Cogmed training is designed to expand working memory capacity by taking advantage of the brain’s ability to repair, build, and strengthen cells and systems when a specific skill is trained. The computer based program uses exercises designed to challenge different types of working memory with a complex internal adjustment algorithm designed to keep the trainee working at the edge of his or her ability. 

Please read the following document for more detailed information.

Cogmed Information Sheet.

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Early Kindergarten Evaluations
The purpose of the Early Kindergarten Entry Evaluation is to determine whether a child who has not yet turned five years old by the cutoff date is ready to start kindergarten early. There are strict guidelines set forth by the state for early kindergarten entry. This evaluation meets those requirements, and includes all the required components including aptitude and achievement testing, observation/ data about behavior, performance, interest, and motivation. The cost for the evaluation, including a written report, is $550.
The North Carolina early kindergarten guidelines are HERE.

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