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Each of our providers brings different skills, experiences, and interest areas to our practice. Although each of us works as an individual practitioner, we also collaborate when needed.
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Shelley Chambers, MSW, LCSW
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Education/ Training:
• Associate of Arts-Peace College
• Bachelor of Arts in Sociology-North Carolina State University
• Master of Social Work-East Carolina University
• Certificate in Clinical Supervision through NASW-NC
• Licensed Clinical Social Worker in North Carolina


I have had the privilege of providing therapy in Wilmington, NC since 1996. My passion is connecting with people who have a desire to live life to the fullest. I believe that growth and healing are fostered in an environment of kindness, compassion, curiosity, and acceptance. It takes courage to engage in therapy and be open to learning new tools to cope with life’s challenges. I believe we are all worthy of love and a sense of belonging. When bad things happen, we can lose hope and question our worth. We all experience times in all of our lives when we are thrown off course and could benefit from therapy to help us identify our needs and purpose.

A great deal of my work involves treating anxiety and depression. My preferred therapeutic frameworks include mindfulness, cognitive behavioral therapy, positive psychology, and insight-oriented therapy. I provide therapy to children and adults. I offer clinical supervision, consultation, and co-parenting sessions. I serve as a parent coach and child specialist in collaborative divorce cases.

If you have any questions, feel free to email me at schamberslcsw@gmail.com. Thank you!
Christine L. Hook, Ph.D., NCSP, ABSNP
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Education/ Training:
• B.A. in Psychology from Pennsylvania State University
• M.A. and Ph.D. in School Psychology from Lehigh University
• Internship at Heartland Area Education Agency in Iowa
• Completion of School Neuropsychology Post Graduate Certification Program
• Licensed Psychologist in North Carolina
• Nationally Certified School Psychologist
• Diplomate of the American Board of School Neuropsychology


I am a licensed psychologist specializing in the assessment of learning, behavioral, social, and emotional issues that can prevent us from living up to our potential. I believe that thorough assessment and evaluation is needed in order to identify strengths and weaknesses within an individual, to guide an effective treatment plan. Whether or not there is a disability present, this insight can help develop strategies that will promote success and understanding of an individual, family, and situation.

The focus of my work is on providing high quality evaluations of individuals from preschool age through college age (and adults on more targeted questions of ADHD, autism, and cognitive or learning issues). I have a special interest in working with issues related to autism spectrum disorders, ADHD, and dyslexia. I also have additional training in neuropsychology, using these tools to help define strengths and weaknesses.

In addition to assessment and evaluation services, I am available for school consultations, parent consultation and education, and workshops. I work collaboratively with the public schools, other agencies, and with charter and private schools in the area when needed. In addition, I am a coach for those interested in exploring the Cogmed Working Memory Training program, a computer-based solution for attention problems caused by poor working memory (including children and adults with attention deficits or learning disorders, victims of brain injury or stroke, and adults experiencing information overload or the natural effects of aging).

A Wilmington resident for over 20 years, I have been in private practice since 2009. In the past, I have been a Psychology Instructor at UNCW, a School Psychologist for New Hanover County Schools, and a Staff Psychologist and Supervisor at the Children’s Developmental Services Agency (formerly the DEC).

Please feel free to contact me at: christinehook@me.com.
Ben T. Rigby, Ph.D.
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• B.S. in Psychology, Wofford College
• M.A. in Clinical Psychology, Western Carolina University
• Ph.D. in School Psychology, University of South Carolina
• APA-Accredited Pre-doctoral Internship at Sarah A. Reed Children’s Center
• Post-doctoral Fellowship in Pediatric Psychology at Greenville Hospital System
• Licensed Psychologist in North Carolina

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in my practice! I specialize in the areas of child, adolescent, and family psychotherapy, working with clients from school age children to adults. Areas of focus in my practice include: family relationships, communication, parenting/ discipline, separation/ divorce, social difficulties (e.g., peer/ partner conflict, shyness, bullying, anger management), ADHD, learning/ academic/ organizational difficulties, and emotional concerns (e.g., anxiety, depression, stress management).

Developing a supportive relationship with my clients is the cornerstone of my work in therapy. From that foundation, I strive to listen supportively to my clients’ interests and help them articulate their goals for therapy. Although my approach is most strongly aligned with cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), I do take a flexible approach in therapy, tailoring strategies to the situation and each client’s needs, such that I incorporate elements of other therapy modalities, as well. In CBT, my primary approach, the focus is primarily on current and future behaviors (although it is important to know and understand the client’s past, it is not the focus of the therapeutic work done with CBT). This approach helps clients become more aware of their interpretations, encourages different ways of thinking, and helps the client identify specific steps to handle situations more effectively. This type of therapy often involves clients doing “homework” between sessions, to allow them an opportunity to try out new ways of thinking and behaving.

In my work with children and adolescents, I strive to involve parents or primary care-givers to the fullest extent possible and appropriate to the given situation. Sometimes, the primary focus of my work with children is on issues related to the parent-child relationship, and, in those situations, my child clients spend much of their sessions with one or more parent (or other family members) working together with me to explore more productive ways to interact with one another. With young adults (and, to some degree with older adolescents), sessions typically are individual in focus, in an effort to be sensitive to their needs for developing their own identities as individuals. Another aspect of my work with clients of all ages is a conscious effort to identify client’s strengths and help them to not only alleviate problems but to thrive and excel. To that end, I often incorporate approaches consistent with the positive psychology movement.

I have been practicing psychology since 1996, and returned to Wilmington in 2011 with my wife and children to begin private practice. My professional involvement has included appointed and elected positions on the South Carolina Psychological Association's Executive Council, being awarded as one of ten national "Early Career Psychologists" at the American Psychological Association's State Leadership Conference in 2005, and an appointment on the SC Psychology Board from 2006-2011. I am a member of the American Psychological Association and the Cape Fear Psychological Association. Prior to entering into private practice, I held an eight-year post as the lead psychologist for a private, multidisciplinary non-profit practice (Clarity: The Speech, Hearing, & Learning Center) in Greenville, SC.

You are welcome to reach me at: drbenrigby@gmail.com

2505 S. 17th St., Suite 200, Wilmington . NC 28401 . 910.254.4545 . potentialscenter@gmail.com


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